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upholstery cleaning near me
upholstery cleaning near me
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Does Your Upholstery Need a Thorough Cleaning?

Days Carpet Care has got you covered

Upholstery can gather a lot of dirt over the years, which can dull the fabric’s color. In other cases, if you have children at home or are clumsy yourself, your upholstery may have a lot of stains. Days Carpet can be your knight in shining armor and clean the upholstery for you! We don’t care what fabric you have; we can clean them all. Our expert cleaning services include heavy-duty cleaning sprays and techniques that get rid of all the dirt.

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Days Carpet Care Offers the Best Upholstery Cleaning

Days Carpet Care can help

Experts at Days Carpet Care are very careful and take great care of your materials to ensure your satisfaction with our services. We are available round the clock, and if you need any upholstery cleaning services, you can count on us to clean them in the best ways possible.

Our prices are very affordable, and you wouldn’t have to think twice about taking our help. Customers must give us clear instructions about what kind of cleaning services they want and how we can help them.

Our company only hires trained professionals, so take care of your upholstery to ensure nothing goes wrong. If you want a team of experts on your side, you can count on us!

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Searching for Expert Upholstery Cleaning?

Days Carpet Care is all you need

The first step of our Days Carpet Care upholstery cleaning includes a pre-inspection. Our experts will visit your space and carry out different tests. These tests include the Fiber ID Test, Color Bleeding Test, Cushion Inspection, Shrinkage Test, and more to determine what cleaning will work the best for your upholstery.

The cleaning process starts with a pre-vacuum to remove all the loose dust and debris. If there are spots and stains on the upholstery, we use special cleaners to remove them. Then we use a pre-spray and pre-groom with a horse hair brush. Once that is completed, we will rinse the upholstery with hot water and extract all the dirt.

We use 3M Scotchgard and Dupont Teflon for the last step to finalize the cleaning procedure. If you have any questions about our cleaning services, you can reach out to our professionals today and we will answer any queries you have.

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