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Is Your Carpet Worn Out? Call the Carpet Cleaning Experts!

Days Carpet Care has got you covered

When was the last time you washed your carpets? Most homeowners find it very difficult to wash their carpets on their own, which is why they are laden with dust and grime.

At Days Carpet Care, our mission is to provide top-quality carpet cleaning services. We are a company of professionals, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our experts use the best tools and techniques to effectively clean your carpets and remove every speck of dust.

Our service model is designed to provide customer satisfaction and ensure that there are no complaints about the quality of service or the customer guarantees we offer.

Days Carpet Care Offers the Best Cleaning

Days Carpet Care can help

Days Carpet Care offers a very thorough cleaning service; we clean your carpets in 12 steps. Let’s take a look at our cleaning steps.

Step: 1 Inspection

We start with a thorough inspection of the carpet to determine what kind of cleaning it demands.


Step: 2 Vacuum 

To remove the dry soil, we use a vacuum and remove all the dust and dry soil.


Step: 3 Protection Of Furniture

We ensure there are no damages to your furniture during the cleaning and move all the furniture out of the way.


Step: 4 Pre-Spray

Our experts apply a preconditioning agent so we can break down the other gunk and dirt on the carpet.


Step: 5 Spot Treatment

To remove all the spots and stains, we use a special solution and remove them.


Step: 6 Grooming

With the help of a professional groomer, we loosen the soil for easy removal.


Step: 7 Soil Removal & Water Wash

Using a powerful cleaning system, we remove the soil buildup and clean the carpet completely.


Step: 8 Neutralizing

It is important to balance the pH levels of your carpet, and we use a neutralizer to do that.


Step: 9 Additional Spot Treatment

Spots and stains may remain. To completely get rid of them, we use special spotting solutions again to ensure a clean surface.


Step: 10 Post Grooming

The professional groomer grooms your carpet once more.


Step: 11 Speed Drying

Using high-velocity air movers, our experts will completely dry your carpet.


Step: 12 Final Inspection

To ensure there are no spots left, we will finally inspect the carpet once more to ensure that you are satisfied with the services.

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Searching for Expert Carpet Cleaning?

Days Carpet Care is all you need

Day’s Carpet Care is a Full Service Carpet Cleaning Company that provides a quality cleaning job at an affordable price. We are your 1st Choice for carpet stain removal.

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