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Carpet Cleaning Services Q & A


Q.     Is Day’s Carpet Care a franchise?
A.     “No”, Independent, local owners.

Q.     Service area covered?
A.     Anderson, Greenville area & expanding. (please call)

Q.     Insured & Bonded & Guarantees?
A.     Fully insured, bonded & 100% guaranteed.

Q.     Do you move furniture & vacuum?
A.    Yes, to both services. Dry dirt is much easier to remove, then wet dirt. Furniture arranged & placed on protective tabs or foam blocks.

Q.    Cleaning equipment type?
A.   State of the art, hot water @ 230-250 degrees. Truck mounted type, commercial grade, with hot water extraction to holding tank in truck. Please note, this is the preferred carpet mills cleaning method.

Q.     Type of chemicals used?
A.     All of our chemicals are non toxic & safe for the environment . We are up dated in regards to these very important issues.

Q.     Drying time ?
A .    With commercial extracting equipment & on site air path fans operating     during cleaning service. 1-2 hours drying time. Not, 8-12-24 hours. Please note, all baseboards are wiped off.

Q.     Is Scotch Guard necessary?
A .    Sprayed & Raked in ScotchGard is Highly Recommended if you have Children or Pets

Q .    How do your prices compare to competitors?
A .    We are not a low price by the room cleaner, we are ethical and not, a bait & switch company. No surprise charges, just good value for your money.

Q .    Do you have stains, spots, carpet repair service?
A .    “Yes”, ask for quote.

Q .    Is their a lot of labor involved for tile & grout cleaning?
A .    For you, YES for us NO. Ask for quote.

Q .    Do you provide upholstery cleaning services?
A .    Day’s Carpet Care is equipped to clean all types of upholstery cloth, to leather.  Pet Deodorizer and  Pet Scotchguard protection is added services.



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