Carpet Cleaning Services Q & A


Q     Is Day’s Carpet Care a franchise?
A     “No”, Independent, local owners.

Q     Service area covered?
A     Anderson, Greenville area & expanding. (please call)

Q     Insured & Bonded & Guarantees?
A     Fully insured, bonded & 100% guaranteed.

Q     Do you move furniture & vacuum?
A    Yes, to both services. Dry dirt is much easier to remove, then wet dirt. Furniture arranged & placed on protective tabs or foam blocks.

Q    Cleaning equipment type?
A    State of the art, hot water @ 230-250 degrees. Truck mounted type, commercial grade, with hot water extraction to holding tank in truck. Please note, this is the preferred carpet mills cleaning method.

Q     Type of chemicals used?
A     All of our chemicals are non toxic & safe for the environment . We are up dated in regards to these very important issues.

Q     Drying time ?
A     With commercial extracting equipment & on site air path fans operating     during cleaning service. 1-2 hours drying time. Not, 8-12-24 hours. Please note, all baseboards are wiped off.

Q     Is Scotch Guard necessary?
A     Sprayed & Raked in ScotchGard is Highly Recommended if you have Children or Pets

Q     How do your prices compare to competitors?
A     We are not a low price by the room cleaner, we are ethical and not, a bait & switch company. No surprise charges, just good value for your money.

Q     Do you have stains, spots, carpet repair service?
A     “Yes”, ask for quote.

Q     Is their a lot of labor involved for tile & grout cleaning?
A     For you, YES for us NO. Ask for quote.

Q     Do you provide upholstery cleaning services?
A     Day’s Carpet Care is equipped to clean all types of upholstery cloth, to leather.  Pet Deodorizer and  Pet Scotchguard protection is added services.