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As any homeowner knows, rugs and carpets are an incredible expense. That’s why if your carpet gets damaged either due to pets or routine wear and tear, you need to know who to call for top-rated, trustworthy carpet repair. At Days Carpet Care, we not only have the tools and equipment ready to repair any sort of damage to your carpet, but we also have the experience you need to ensure the job is handled safely and appropriately.

Far too often homeowners choose to throw away their rug or carpet once it gets damaged, but with a call to Days Carpet Care in Piedmont, SC, you don’t have to do that. Our carpet repair company is highly rated. We welcome you to check out our client testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us and why they turn to our carpet repair services when they need assistance.

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How do carpets get damaged in the first place? Is there anything you can do to protect them? Unfortunately, there are many reasons carpets suffer damage, and unless you get a sealant over top, sometimes accidents just happen. Carpets suffer damage for a multitude of reasons not limited to:


● Water damage
● Pet accidents and odors
● Burns
● Normal wear and tear
● and more

When damage occurs, it not only leaves an ugly spot on your floor, but could cause even more damage to your rug pad beneath it. Or, in some cases, the floorboards beneath your rug. To help keep your carpets looking great, the team at Days Carpet Care offers quality carpet repairs. Whether you need carpet repair services such as carpet stretching Piedmont SC or carpet restretching Piedmont SC, our carpet repair company can help.


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Carpet stretching and restretching, for example, are methods used when your carpet gets too loose and as a result, starts to wrinkle and bunch up, making it difficult to vacuum. This process can not only help restore the life of your carpet, but it can also add more value to your home, while also eliminating any fall risks associated with carpet that bunches up and refuses to lay flat.

Oftentimes, many homeowners in Piedmont SC don’t realize that when their carpet gets damaged that they have options for repairing it. But, knowing who to call for a top-rated carpet stretching service is crucial to saving you money in the long run. Call us today at (864) 479-8142 or email us at to request a quote and learn more about our carpet repair services. If you have questions about what to expect, we detail our process on our website, so you can go into this appointment with all the knowledge and information you need. We’re a proud member of Piedmont, South Carolina and we’re honored to help residents in both Anderson and Greenville counties. 

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When you need to fix your carpet, whether just because or to add last-minute value before you list your home on the market, Days Carpet Care is your go-to resource. Cleaning and repairing carpets is all we do, and we’re proud to offer our quality services to you. Contact us today to request a quote or schedule an appointment: (864) 479-8142.

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Hiring Days Carpet Care for carpet repair near me services in Piedmont, SC, and the surrounding areas is the best decision you can make for the durability of your carpet. There is no need to buy a new carpet if you can repair it. Working with Days Carper Care, you will get professional technicians with years of experience repairing carpets. They also have top-notch equipment to provide you with lasting solutions. Call us today in case you have carpet damage and need repairs.

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