Helpful Hints For Selecting Carpets

While choosing the color and type of carpet may appear difficult with the many choices presented, there are certain things you have to keep in mind to achieve the best colors and type of carpet for your house.  If you seek to make the room feel warm, then you might have to go with colors belonging to the fire family.  In case you want to make the room seem cooler, then go for colors belonging to the water family. After determining the color family, one might need to determine the shade.  Lighter shades in general make the room seem larger and spacious.  On the other hand, darker colors make the room feel relaxing. You also have to consider the room’s use in determining the colors to be used.  Brighter colors look best for playrooms.  Muted colors are recommended for bedrooms.  For the family room, it might be good to go for neutral colors to help disguise the dirt. For more information on buying carpets here is a great website The Carpet Buyers Handbook.


Frieze Carpets

This type of carpeting is made by knotting the pile through a stiff, resilient backing and then shearing it to ensure that it is all the same length. The fibers used in frieze carpeting are lightly twisted so that they are resilient and springy,


Plush Carpets

Plush carpeting is an example of cut pile carpeting that is distinguished by a weave that is smooth and dense. The actual cut of the pile is such that the appearance of the carpet surface gives the impression of perfectly manicured section of grass.

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