Clemson Carpet Repair Is Days Carpet Care Specialty

Days Carpet Care of Clemson understands that replacing your damaged carpet with a completely new one may involve a significant investment. In most cases, the better option is just a simple repair is all that is really needed. This is where Days Carpet Care the best choice for Clemson carpet repair can help you make the right decision!


The causes for poor condition of carpet

Loose carpets, rips, tears, and wrinkling are the major problems that we see everyday.  These are caused by various reasons:


    • Inappropriate installation (poorly stretched and tacked)

    • Pulling of heavy items 

    • Excessive moisture

    • Bad quality or exhausted under-padding and/or carpet

    • Pets (animal clawing, etc)

The carpet wrinkles are not only unattractive but also become a safety hazard and accelerate the wearing on the rug. We eliminate wrinkles by stretching your carpet appropriately and strategically towards the wall eliminating the loose carpet eliminating unwanted wrinkles. 

Repairing rips and tears without leaving it stand out like a sore thumb can be a difficult challenge for any beginner. We believe that quality is #1. Any repairs should blend in with a natural look and not be a noticeable eye sore. This is where Days Carpet Care leaves most other companies in the dust and is why we’ve succeeded to be the best in our profession!


Different fabrics require different methods

It’s important to know the type of material you’re dealing with before cleaning or repairing it. That’s where the Clemson carpet repair pros come in! Using the wrong chemical on certain materials can damage and discolor them. Matching the materials during repairing is just as important for obvious reasons as well. Understand these proper solutions is what’s made us the busiest and most highly referred carpet, upholstery, tile, and grout care business in Clemson, South Carolina. Do you have question regarding any of these topics? Give our friendly experts a call! We’re happy to help you anyway we can!

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