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What’s Lurking in Your Carpet

The colorful and comfortable carpet underfoot in your home isn’t just fabric and pile. There are all kinds of things lurking in your carpet, and the older a carpet is, the more that lurks there.

Your carpet accumulates dust. But that is not all. It accumulates pet dander, which will vary with the pets in your household. Parrots like African Grays produce clouds of dander that floats down to the carpet, even in different rooms. Shed dog and cat hair, whiskers, and whatever pets may track in are in your carpet. Dried pet saliva can accumulate, particularly from cats. There’s also people dander, not just hair, but the millions of bits of dead skin cells that every person sheds every day.

There are some creatures down there, too. Carpets can harbor fleas and various species of mites. These unwanted visitors dine on dander and other materials. Dust mites exist in most homes, and find carpets to be a smorgasbord of eatables.

Carpets and accumulate odors, particularly if residents smoke. Cooking odors can linger. Puppy or cat urine accidents can create lingering odors not easy to get rid of.

Normal usage can result in particles being ground into carpets. Any home with children is going to have spills and crumbs. Any home that has an entertainment center and loves to watch sports is likely to get snack crumbs, bits of bread, maybe ketchup and mustard, spilled soda and beer. To top it off, mold and mildew can find a home in moist spots in carpet.

Why is all this important? Even a clean-looking carpet has things lurking down there. Pet dander and mites (which shed their skins at every molt) can cause allergic reactions. Spills and debris can cause discoloration. Bits of food can attract insect visitors.

Carpets need carpet cleaning. They should be vacuumed once a week. Professional deep cleaning on regular basis is recommended, every six months to a year.



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