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Must Know Carpet Cleaning Tips

Keep Your Carpets in Good Shape

There are some must-know carpet cleaning tips for homeowners to keep their carpets in good shape. Every carpet is subject to spills, dirt and soil tracked in from outdoors, and any number of other small hazards. In general, what you must know is clean it up quickly, and that using scrubbing motions with lots of “elbow grease” often makes the problem worse by grinding material into the carpet fibers.

If there are children in the house, chewing gum may get stuck in the carpet. Get an ice cube from the freezer, and hold it against the gum for 30 seconds. The gum will become brittle and can be gently scraped off using a spoon.

Get Rid of Blood Stains

Carpets can get stained by blood from cuts and scrapes. Scrape off what you can, then apply hydrogen peroxide, and blot it up. It may take more than one application. For other stains, try applying shaving cream. Let it stand 30 seconds, then blot it with a dry cloth. Then spray it with a solution of vinegar and water, and blot it dry.

Get Rid of Wax Stains

Wax from candles dripping onto a carpet can be difficult. Place an old towel over the wax, then use a household iron on it for 30 seconds or less. Then gently scrape the wax off, it will be soft. Be careful of the hot iron! Grease stains can be removed by spraying the stain with a solution of water and normal dishwashing liquid. The dishwashing liquid removes grease from dishes and does as well on carpets. Remember to blot dry. Organic cleaners are good for pet accidents. Apply a small amount, rub lightly, and then wipe it up. This also works on coffee stains and sauce stains.

These household tricks will help you keep your carpet clean. But remember, deep cleaning every six months will get out the accumulation of dust, and extend the life of your carpet. Get a professional like Days Carpet Care to help you with carpet cleaning.



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