Chris Taylor Memorial Park

One of the premier recreational resources in Anderson County is Chris Taylor Memorial Park. The park is named after a local law enforcement officer who fell in the line of duty.

The park has cookout facilities, including picnic tables and party gazebos, for family picnics and other events. The playground has recently been renovated.

The large pond has a resident population of ducks, which are a consistent draw for children. There are vending machines that sell food, so families can feed the ducks together, a kind of old fashioned family activity. Chris Taylor Park is designed for family activities.

The pond features an annual junior Fall Brawl fishing tournament, with the state DNR releasing catfish for the tournament. In the past the park has held a junior rodeo, and through requiring donations of food to participate, these activities have generated a large amount of food for local food banks.

For people seriously interested in exercise, there’s a walking track with exercise stations. If you just want a leisurely walk, there are a number of paths in the park. Dog walking is encouraged, so if your pup needs a walk, the park is the place.

The Park is the site of the annual Red Ribbon Walk of local EMS personnel, law enforcement and fire departments in honor of fallen heroes. This annual event reminds the public that protection from fire, accident and maintaining public order is serious and sometimes requires sacrifice above and beyond the normal. It also provides the opportunity for these public servants to gather together in celebration.

Chris Taylor Memorial Park is located inside the large Anderson Sports and Entertainment Complex. The overall complex has other resources, including the William A. Floyd Amphitheater and the Civic Center of Anderson. The Amphitheater seats 13,000 and may be rented for events.

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